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Minerva (TRACE)

Minerva is supplied with a very simple trace routine on the utility disk supplied with Minerva, stored in the file trace_bin. Before using the trace function, you will need to link in trace_bin with the line:

LRESPR flp1_trace_bin

or something similar. Having done this, you can turn on the tracing function with SSTEP which will print to the given channel (default #0) or file, each line number and statement just before it is performed in the format: line_no : statement_no.

You can also supply the trace function with a line range, so that it will only report on statements being executed within the given line range. The line range defaults to: 1 TO 32767.

Whilst the trace function is enabled and the program is running within the given range, the interpreter will wait for a key to be pressed between each statement. As each command in each statement is executed, a single character is shown by the trace routine to represent the type of the command to be executed. However, the meaning of these symbols has never been revealed. In single-step mode, you need to press a key between each command!!


This trace toolkit will only work on Minerva.