HOT_DO key$ or

HOT_DO Thingname$

Location HOTKEY II

Once a hotkey is operational (see HOT_GO), you can call up the program or action set up on that hotkey by using the command HOT_DO, which enables a program to emulate the user pressing <ALT><key>.

The first variant expects you to supply the key which would normally be used together with <ALT> to call up the facility. You can however, also use the second variant to supply the name of an Executable Thing to be called up.


Take the following hotkey:

100 ERT HOT_WAKE ('f',Files)
110 HOT_GO

The following would all have the same effect:

  • Pressing <ALT><f>
  • HOT_DO ‘f’
  • HOT_DO Files


See the other HOT… commands about setting up hotkeys.