Syntax DEV_NEXT (n) n=1..8
Location DEV device, GOLD CARD, ST/QL, SMS

The function DEV_NEXT returns the number of the next DEVice where a given DEV will look on next if a file was not found. If a DEV is not defined or has the search option disabled, DEV_NEXT returns zero (0), otherwise an integer from 1 to 8 will be returned.


A program which lists a search path:

100 INPUT "Which DEV device (1..8)?"!n
110 IF n<1 OR n>8 THEN RUN
120 DIM checked%(8)
130 REPeat SPate
140   IF NOT DEV_NEXT(n) OR checked%(n): EXIT SPate
150   PRINT DEV_USE$(n)
160   checked%(n)=1
170   n=DEV_NEXT(n)
180 END REPeat SPate

If you understood this example, then you will know exactly how the DEV device works.