PAPER [#window,] colour or

PAPER [#window,] colour1,colour2 [,pattern]

Location QL ROM

This command sets the background colour inside a window (default #1). Characters printed to that window will be written with the PAPER colour as a background unless another colour has been specified with STRIP.


100 OPEN#3,scr_512x256a0x0
110 REPeat forever
120   FOR c=0 TO 7
130     BORDER#3,RND(100)
140     PAPER#3,c
150     CLS#3
160   END FOR c
170 END REPeat forever


PAPER also resets the STRIP to the specified colour.


INK sets the foreground colour and STRIP the background for characters only. CLS clears a window in the current paper colour. See INK concerning colour in general.