_DEF% [ (#channel) ]


DEFS (DIY Toolkit - Vol A)

This function creates a table of all of the SuperBASIC PROCedures and FuNctions used within the program currently in memory. The table appears in the specified CONsole channel, if any (default #2). You can use the cursor keys to highlight the required PROCedure or FuNction name and then press <ENTER>, in which case the function will return the line number of the program line which contains the relevant DEFine PROCedure or DEFine FuNction. If you press the <ESC> key an ‘Incomplete’ error is caused. If no PROCedures or FuNctions are defined, then a ‘Not Found’ error is reported.




_DEF$ and _NAME$ are similar. CODEVEC returns the machine code base address of a Machine Code Procedure or Function.