Syntax POKE_STRING address, string
Location DJToolkit 1.16

This procedure simply stores the strings contents at the given address. Only the contents of the string are stored, the 2 bytes defining the length are not stored. The address may be odd or even.

If the second parameter given is a numeric one or simply a number, beware, QDOS will convert it to the format that would be seen if the number was PRINTed before storing it at the address. For example, 1 million would be ‘1E6’ which is arithmetically the same, but characterwise, very different.


1000 Address = RESERVE_HEAP(60)
1010 IF Address < 0 THEN
1020    PRINT "ERROR " & Address & " Allocating heap space."
1030    STOP
1040 END IF
1050 POKE_STRING Address, "DJToolkit " & DJTK_VERS$