Syntax CHR$ (code)
Location QL ROM

This function returns the character associated with the given code.

The QL ROM character set is actually only in the range 0…255, although code can be anything in the range -32768…32767. The least significant byte of the supplied parameter is used, ie. code && 255.


PRINT CHR$(100) and PRINT CHR$(1636)

both return ‘d’.

A short function to convert any lower case letters in a given string to upper case:

100 DEFine FuNction UP$(a$)
110 LOCal U$
115 U$=a$
117 IF a$='':RETurn ''
120 FOR i=1 TO LEN(a$)
130   IF CODE( a$(i) )>96:IF CODE( a$(i) )<123:U$(i)=CHR$( CODE( a$(i) )-32 )
140 END FOR i
150 RETurn U$
160 END DEFine UP$


The THOR XVI limits code to the range 0…255.


See CODE and also please refer to the Characters section of the Appendix.