MATSEQ array


Math Package

The command MATSEQ initialises the array (which must be a numeric array) with a constantly increasing set of integer numbers: 1 2 3 4 5 6…

There is not really much use for MATSEQ except for demonstration.

Array can be either a floating point or integer variable. No strings are allowed.


MATIDN is a useful means of initialising an array, MATEQU can be used to set all elements of an array to a certain value. It is worth noting that any square matrix created with MATSEQ cannot be inverted with MATINV because the determinant DET of that matrix is always zero:

100 n=30: DIM m(n,n), minv(n,n)
110 MATSEQ m
120 MATINV minv,m

This always fails at line 120 because DET(m) = 0.