EXEC program or

EXEC file *[,{filex | #chx}]* [;cmd$] (Toolkit II, THOR XVI) or

EXEC file *[,#chx]* [;cmd$] (Minerva v1.93+)


QL ROM, Toolkit II

This command loads and starts a machine code or compiled program, but then returns control to the calling job (ie. the job which issued EXEC) so that both jobs are multitasking.

Minerva v1.97+ has now implemented a sub-set of the Toolkit II standard, in that you can pass details of existing channels to a job as well as a command string.


With Toolkit II installed or on a THOR XVI, EXEC is the same as EX. See also EXEC_W, EW, TTEX and ET. If you are using the Hotkey System or SMS then see EXEP in this manual.