Syntax DEVTYPE [(#channel)]
Location SMS

This function returns a value to indicate the type of device the specified channel (default #0) is connected to. At present, you should only look at the first three bits of the return value, ie:

x%=x% && 3

The value returned is:

  • 0 - a purely serial device
  • 1 - a screen device
  • 2 - a file system device (ie. it supports file positioning)

Any other values indicate that there is something wrong with the channel (if the value is >2) otherwise, a negative value means that the channel is not open.


Prior to v2.71, DEVTYPE would return ‘End of File’ error if the specified channel was attached to a file and the file pointer was at the end of the file.


OPEN, OPEN_IN, OPEN_NEW and OPEN_OVER allow you to open channels.