RESET [new_ramtop](Not SMSQ/E) or


Location TinyToolkit, Beuletools, BTool, SMSQ/E, RES

This command performs a system reset. Except under SMSQ/E, this can be used to simulate a system with less memory or to get old games and problem software running, you can reduce the available memory (via new_ramtop) to anything between 128K (TinyToolkit: 64K) and RAMTOP in 64K steps (RES and BTool set a maximum of 640K).


Do not include this command in a program without asking the user to confirm that it is OK since the computer may be writing some essential data to disk at the time (or still have some in memory).


On Gold Cards use RES_128 and RES_SIZE for a faster reset. Minerva allows you to use CALL 390,x to reset the system.