BGIMAGE [#ch,] filename


SMSQ/E v2.98+

This command allows you to load a screen image as a wallpaper to cover the whole of the available screen (in any resolution).

A valid window channel must be open, default #1 (or #0 on a SBASIC with only #0 open), although one may also be supplied as #ch.

The file will need to be a screen snapshot - the Photon JPEG viewer can be used to convert JPEG files to screen snapshots.


BGIMAGE win1_wallpapers_cats - load a wallpaper.


The command expects the screen to have been saved in the current resolution and colour depth, therefore any attempt to load a screen image in a different resolution or colour depth to the one in existence when the screen was saved will result in a corrupt image.


SBYTES gives details on how to store a screen on disk.

In many ways, this command is similar to LOADPIC, except that it caters for non-standard QL resolutions and colour depths.

BGCOLOUR_QL and BGCOLOUR_24 can be used to set a single colour wallpaper.