SMSQ/E, ATARI Emulators

A file MIDINET_rext is provided with SMSQ/E and the Emulators for the Atari computers which allows you to set up a Network using the MIDI ports provided on the Atari computers.

Once the Network has been set up with the necessary leads, and MIDINET_rext been loaded on all computers in the Network, the command MIDINET should be issued to start up the fileserver Job on each computer. This creates a background Job called ‘MIDINET’ which is similar to the ‘Server’ Job created by FSERVE.

The two fileservers are very similar in operation in that they both allow other computers to access the resources of the Master machine over the Network. However, MIDINET has built-in protection for files which can prevent other users in a Network accessing sensitive files. This is implemented by means of recognising files which start with a specific series of characters:



*H or *h

These files cannot be accessed over the Network. Any attempt to use these files by a Slave Machine will return ‘Not Found’ errors.


These files are Read Only over the Network.


These files cannot be accessed over the Network and will return ‘Not Implemented’ - this prevents direct sector access.


MNET is needed to control the Network. See also FSERVE and SERNET. See the Appendix on Networks for further details.