Syntax HOT_TYPE (key$)
Location HOTKEY II

This function is useful to find out the type of hotkey associated with the specified keypress. The values returned by HOT_TYPE are as follows:

  • -8 Hotkey for Last line recall
  • -6 Hotkey for recall previous Stuffer Buffer
  • -4 Hotkey for recall current Stuffer Buffer (HOT_STUFF)
  • -2 Hotkey stuffs a defined string into the keyboard queue (HOT_KEY)
  • 0 Hotkey PICKS SuperBasic and stuffs a command into #0 (HOT_CMD)
  • 2 Hotkey DOES code
  • 4/5 Hotkey executes a Thing (HOT_THING,HOT_RES,HOT_CHP)
  • 6 Hotkey executes a File (HOT_LOAD)
  • 8 Hotkey PICKS a Job (HOT_PICK)
  • 10/11 Hotkey WAKES or executes a Thing (HOT_WAKE, HOT_RES1, HOT_CHP1)
  • 12 Hotkey WAKES or executes a File (HOT_LOAD1)


HOT_NAME$ returns the name of the Thing or the string being accessed.