Syntax S_SAVE (#wind)
Location TinyToolkit

This function causes the contents of the window #wind to be stored in memory and the address is then returned. Do not forget the return value! #wind must be a window or a bad parameter error (-15) is reported.


100 CLS
110 PRINT PEEK$(0,1000)
120 adr1 = S_SAVE(#1)
130 CLS
140 PRINT PEEK$(100,1000)
150 adr2 = S_SAVE(#1)
160 FOR n=1 TO 20: S_SHOW adr1: S_SHOW adr2
170 S_LOAD adr1: S_LOAD adr2


Although S_SAVE will save a window stored on the second screen provided by Minerva and Amiga QDOS, it assumes the screen resolution is 512x256 pixels and cannot work with higher resolutions.


S_LOAD and S_SHOW view the saved screen part. Memory taken by S_SAVE cannot be freed with RECHP or CLCHP, only with S_LOAD. See also SCR_STORE and SAVEPIC for alternatives.