Syntax NETREAD address, bytes
Location FLEXYNET (DIY Toolkit - Vol Y)

This command will attempt to read the specified number of bytes over the Network port using the Flexynet driver and store any bytes it receives at the area in memory starting with the specified address. This area of memory should therefore really be set aside with ALCHP or RESPR before use (unless you know that the area of memory can be altered (such as the screen memory - see SCREEN).


This command should only be used in conjunction with NETSEND. Do not attempt to use any other network drivers whilst one machine has used this command.


This command must be used before the NETSEND command is issued, if it is to catch the data sent by the transmitting machine.


See NETRATE which allows you to set the speed of the receiving machine to match the speed of the sending machine. Also see NETSEND.