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This command is similar to the PICK command provided by Qjump’s QPTR package on the QL. This command brings the specified window (default #1) to the top of the display pile. Under the THOR’s windowing system (when this is enabled), as with the Pointer Environment, a program cannot access a window which is partly or fully hidden from view. This command allows the program to force the given window to the top of the pile, thus allowing it to be seen on screen and therefore open to access. If possible, the keyboard queue is also connected to the window, so it is as if the Job has been ‘picked’ using the keys CTRL C.


WINDOW allows you to re-position a window. PIE_ON allows programs to continue even though their windows are buried under the Pointer Interface. PICK% is similar. POKE SYS_VARS+133 allows you to enable / disable the THOR’s windowing system.