TURBO_window number


Turbo Toolkit v3.00+

This is a directive for the TURBO compiler and should be located at the start of your program before any active program lines. This tells the TURBO parser to copy across number windows from the existing channel structure into the compiled program. If number=1 only window #1 will appear in the compiled program. Any greater value for number will copy window #0 also. It is usually better to ensure that your compiled program opens all of its own windows, using commands such as:

100 OPEN #1,'con_448x200a32x16'

This reduces the amount of memory used up by each channel and also ensures that your program only opens the windows which it actually needs to work. As with other compiler directives, this value can be changed by configuring the parser_task program or by entering a different value on the Parser’s front panel.


5 TURBO_window 0


Only the active area of a window is copied across to the compiled program, so if a BORDER has been specified, this will not appear in the compiled program (only the area inside the border will be copied across). If your compiled program then defines its own BORDER on that window, the size of the window will be further reduced.


See TURBO_diags,TURBO_locstr, TURBO_model, TURBO_objdat, TURBO_objdat, TURBO_objfil, TURBO_optim,TURBO_repfil, TURBO_struct, and TURBO_taskn for other directives