BUTTON% (flag)


KMOUSE, MOUSE (DIY Toolkit - Vol I), Amiga QDOS v3.20+

This function can be used to find out if any mouse buttons have been pressed and if so which ones. Unfortunately, you cannot use this to find out if a button has been pressed twice quickly in succession (known as double-clicking).

The value of flag is used to tell the function which buttons you wish to interrogate:

  • 0 - Has any key been pressed ? If so, the value returned will be 0 plus the following numbers if the relevant key(s) has been pressed:

    • +1 - Button One Pressed

    • +2 - Button Two Pressed

    • +4 - Button Three Pressed

  • 1 - Has Button One been pressed (this is the left hand mouse button)? If so 1 is returned, otherwise 0.

  • 2 - Has Button Two been pressed (this is the right hand mouse button)? If so, 1 is returned, otherwise 0.

  • 3 - Has Button Three been pressed (this is the middle mouse button)? If so, 1 is returned, otherwise 0.


A routine to wait for the user to press the right and left mouse button at the same time:

110 REPeat mloop
120   IF BUTTON%(0)=1+2:RETurn
130 END REPeat mloop
140 END DEFine


X_PTR%, Y_PTR% and PTR_FN% can also be used to interrogate the mouse.