HOT_STUFF string$



The Hotkey System II allows you to pass information to a program by using an area of memory known as the Hotkey Stuffer Buffer. The contents of this buffer can be placed into the current keyboard queue by pressing <ALT><SPACE> to read the last item to have been placed into the Stuffer Buffer, or <ALT><SHIFT><SPACE> to read the previous item to have been placed in the Stuffer Buffer.

The keys used to recall the Stuffer Buffers can be configured by using the program CONFIG on the file HOT_REXT.

Each item can by default be a maximum of 512 characters long (although this can be configured from between 128 and 16384 characters if you wish). Note that two of the characters are used to store the length of the Stuffer Buffer and must therefore be deducted from this setting.

The command HOT_STUFF allows you to place the specified string$ into the Stuffer Buffer so that it may be read by other programs. If the Stuffer Buffer was previously empty, both <ALT><SPACE> and <ALT><SHIFT> <SPACE> will return the same, however, if something was already in the Stuffer Buffer, this will be read by <ALT><SHIFT><SPACE>, and the new entry as <ALT><SPACE>.

Example 1

Place an address in the Stuffer Buffer:

HOT_STUFF '10 Hardacre Way' & CHR$(10) & 'Hardacre' &CHR$(10) & 'Newcastle'

Example 2

Presuming an empty Stuffer Buffer, after:


the Stuffer Buffer would look like this:

<ALT><SHIFT><SPACE> --- DIR flp1_
<ALT><SPACE> --- DIR flp1_

If you then use:


the Stuffer Buffer would look like this:

<ALT><SHIFT><SPACE> --- DIR flp1_
<ALT><SPACE> --- DIR flp2_


HOT_STUFF “” caused various problems until SMS v2.73 - see GET_STUFF$. It could even crash compiled programs!!


GET_STUFF$ allows a program to read the contents of the Stuffer Buffer. HOT_LIST will allow you to see the contents of the Stuffer Buffer. HOT_GO is required before <ALT><SPACE> or <ALT><SHIFT> <SPACE> will work!