CKEYON [#channel]


Pointer Interface (v1.23 or later)



There were problems with this command prior to v1.56.

Note 2

At some point CKEYON started to have to take a channel number, ie CKEYON #channel.

If you dont give a channel number the commands try to open their own channel - that hybrid number 0/1, as do a number of IO commands (at least in SMSQ/E). All well and good. But if you, say, open your first channel as number 3, as happens automatically if your first channel in a daughter SBASIC or Qlib compiled job, and you open it with ch = FOPEN(“con_”) then, if that channel is OUTLiNed to be smaller than the default channel, the call fails and returns to the routine - which gives up. But doesnt say anything! However, now there is dangling, open channel in the main channel table that SBASIC doesnt know about. So next time you use this command yet another channel is opened in the main channel table! And so it goes on ad finitum until the job is killed - or the system chokes.

This is a rare circumstance, admittedly, but it is still a bug.

The bug fix is that if the circumstances described pertain, the call will return with an Out of Range error.