Syntax FMAKE_DIR (subdirectory)
Location Level-2 Device Drivers

This function will only work if Level-2 or Level-3 device drivers are available.

FMAKE_DIR is identical to MAKE_DIR except that it is a function and does not stop a program if an error occurs, instead it returns the code of the error concerned.

The following errors need some explanation:

  • Error -9 (in use) : There is already a sub-directory with the same name;
  • Error -8 (already exists) : File (not a sub-directory) exists already with that name;
  • Error -15 (bad parameter) : Medium does not support sub-directories.


If MAKE_DIR or FMAKE_DIR fail on a ramdisk, an old type ramdisk may have been loaded. There is no other way to activate the integral ramdisk other than by resetting the whole system.


If error -15 occurs (ie. if you try to created a sub-directory on a medium where this is not possible), MAKE_DIR and FMAKE_DIR will leave an empty file with the name of the desired sub-directory on the medium. Remember to remove this.