Syntax RELEASE address
Location TinyToolkit

This command allows you to return a section of memory reserved by GRAB to QDOS.


LOAD, CLEAR, NEW and similar commands do not free GRABbed memory (unlike memory reserved with ALCHP).


Never free memory where extensions, device drivers or other code have been loaded and started (for example with CALL) because the operating system will continue to update these routines regularly and find code which may have been overwritten by other programs, internal data etc. Crash!


RECHP and CLCHP clear memory allocated with ALCHP. DISCARD releases memory allocated with RESERVE. See also the other version of RELEASE.


Syntax RELEASE nr
Location ST/QL, QSound

RELEASE activates the enhanced sound capabilities of the ST/QL (or the QSound interface which has now been out of production for some years). A sequence which has been previously stored with PLAY under the number nr is ‘executed’ by RELEASE.


PLAY, SND_EXT Beware the other version of RELEASE.