Toolkit II

This function always contains the current default destination device, which is an unofficial QDOS standard and supported by the Toolkit II variants of COPY, WCOPY, WREN, and SPL.

When Toolkit II is initiated, DESTD$=’SER’. The default device means that if no other device is stated for the destination file, this device will be used. The default destination device will also be consulted if a device name is supplied but the given file cannot be found on that device.

For example, assuming that DESTD$=’flp2_’ and DATAD$=’ram1_’, if you enter COPY example_txt, then the file ram1_example_txt will be copied to flp2_example_txt. This idea can be extended to use prefixes as sub-directories. Sub-directories are separated by underscores, DESTD$ always ends with an underscore.


DEST_USE and SPL_USE both define the default destination device.

DUP, DDOWN and DNEXT allow you to move around the sub-directory tree. PROGD$ returns the default program device, DATAD$ returns the default data device. DLIST prints all default devices.