Syntax WMAN$
Location TinyToolkit, BTool

This function returns the version number of the Window Manager. If no Window Manager is present, WMAN$ returns an empty string.

Example 1

SCR_SIZE is incompatible with the Window Manager because the channel definition blocks for windows are different from those used when no Window Manager is present, causing SCR_SIZE to return wrong values or produce errors. But calculating the result of SCR_SIZE is so simple that it can be replaced by a BASIC procedure to be used whenever the Window Manager is detected. w_width and w_height define the window size.

110   size=8+w_width*w_height/8
120 ELSE size=SCR_SIZE
130 END IF

Example 2

Non-destructible windows can be simulated by programs if there is no Window Manager present to take over that work.

100 OPEN#3,con_200x50a100x50
110 IF WMAN$="" THEN ScrTmp=S_SAVE(#3)
120 BORDER#3,1,4: PAPER#3,3: CLS#3

...... (main program using #3) ...

800 CLOSE#3
810 IF WMAN$="" THEN S_LOAD ScrTmp
820 STOP


QRAM$ returns the version number of the Pointer Interface.