SER_FLOW [port,] flow



Because of the variety of equipment which can be connected to a QL system through a serial port, the System has to support several types of handshaking. Handshaking is basically a means of checking if the data received through a serial port is the same as the data which has been sent. Normally, handshaking can be specified when a port is opened (see the Appendix concerning device drivers). However, it can also be useful to preset the handshaking by using the command SER_FLOW. flow can have one of three values:

  • h Enable handshaking

  • i Ignore handshaking - do not bother to check data

  • x XON/XOFF detection.

To enable flexibility on machines with more than one serial port, you can also specify the number of the serial port to be affected by this command (default SER1).


Please refer to the Appendix on device drivers for more information.