Syntax COLOUR_QL [#ch]
Location SMSQ/E v2.98+

COLOUR_QL is a command used to select the colour palette to be used from within the Extended Colour Drivers provided with SMSQ/E v2.98+ on the Q40/Q60, QXL, QPC and Aurora.

A valid window channel must be open, default #1 (or #0 on a SBASIC with only #0 open), although one may also be supplied as #ch.

This command is similar to COLOUR_PAL, but selects an 8 colour mode, with colours from 0…7 as per the original QL MODE 8 (although all 8 colours remain available for programs which presume MODE 4).

This can cause some slight incompatibility problems, due to programs which presume that under MODE 4, INK 3 would produce Red (for example) - under COLOUR_QL it will now produce Magenta.


The eight colours produced under COLOUR_QL may be changed to allow any colour supported by the hardware using the command PALETTE_QL.


MODE commands have no effect under the Extended Colour Drivers.


Refer to COLOUR_PAL for more details.

PALETTE_QL includes a way of overcoming the incompatibility problems with old MODE.. 4 programs.