QTRAP #ch,key [,d1 [,d2 [,d3 [,a1 [,a2 ]]]]]


TRAPS (DIY Toolkit Vol T)

This command is similar to IO_TRAP in that it allows you to access the machine code TRAP #3 system calls directly.

You will need to pass at least two parameters, the number of the channel to be affected and the operation key to be carried out (this is equivalent to the value in D0 when TRAP #3 is performed).

The other parameters allow you to pass the various register values which may be required by the system calls. The timeout parameter (D3) defaults to -1 (infinite timeout).

This can be used effectively to set the INK and PAPER colours for THOR XVI’s MODE 12 and still allow the program to be compiled. For example:

QTRAP #2,HEX('27'),4

will set the PAPER colour in the window #2 to Green (although the STRIP colour will remain unaffected).


Several TRAP #3 calls can crash the computer - make certain that you know what you are doing!


See IO_TRAP, TTET3, MTRAP and BTRAP. Any return parameters can be read with DATAREG and ADDREG. CLS, PAN and SCROLL can also be used to call TRAP #3. Refer to the QDOS/SMS Reference Manual (Section 15) for details of the various system TRAP #3 calls.