DELETE file or

DELETE file *[,filei]* (THOR XVI)


QL ROM, Toolkit II

The command DELETE removes the stated file from a medium (it actually only deletes its entry from the directory map, which thus allows these files to be recovered if necessary, with a utility such as the Public Domain RETTUNGE_exe, provided that nothing has been written to the disk since it was deleted).

The filename must include the name of the medium, unless you have Toolkit II installed, which alters the command so that the default data device is recognised (see DATAD$).

The command does not report an error if a file was not found! However, if an invalid device is used and Toolkit II is not present, an error will be reported.

The THOR XVI variant of this command follows the original proposal for this command, allowing you to delete several files at the same time by listing each filename, eg:

DELETE flp1_boot,flp1_main_bas

This latter syntax is accepted on non-Minerva systems, but only the first file will be deleted. If Toolkit II is present, error -15 (bad parameter) is reported.


DELETE mdv2_PROG_bak


WDEL deletes several files interactively. WDEL_F, WDIR and TTEDELETE are also worth a look.