Turbo Toolkit

The Turbo compiler allows PROCedure and FuNction definitions within a compiled program to be defined as GLOBAL and then called by other tasks. This is similar to making a modular machine code program which is then linked together when the assembly language modules are assembled. Under Turbo, the various program modules can be compiled separately, but then loaded together with LINK_LOAD_A and similar commands.

The CATNAP command will force a compiled program to wait at this statement indefinitely. The compiled program is only allowed to carry on execution from the next statement if another module calls one of the GLOBAL definitions contained in the current program and the GLOBAL PROCedure or FuNction has completed.

If CATNAP is used within a SuperBASIC program, then the program is simply suspended until the Break key is pressed.


SNOOZE is similar. See also GLOBAL, EXTERNAL and LINK_LOAD_A.