SBASIC [pos] or




This command is used to start up a Multiple SBASIC interpreter, which is nearly an exact copy of the main interpreter (Job 0) and will contain a copy of all of the toolkit commands used by the parent Job when this command is invoked. Any toolkits subsequently loaded into the new SBASIC interpreter cannot be used by its parent and vice versa. In its simplest form:


a new Interpreter will be started up which has windows #0,#1 and #2 open as per Job 0.

You can however pass either a one or two digit number (either as a numeric pos or a string pos$), in which case only #0 will be opened and its position will depend upon the number which has been passed as a parameter. This enables you to start up a new SBASIC Interpreter without its windows overlapping existing programs.

If only one digit is passed, this is taken to be the SBASIC row number. Row 0 is at the top of the screen, Row 1 is 64 pixels from the top, Row 2 128 pixels from the top and so on…

If two digits are passed, the first digit is taken to be the SBASIC column number, the second becomes the SBASIC row number (see above).

The column number is calculated as, Column 0 being the left hand side of the screen, Column 1 is 256 pixels from the left, Column 2 512 pixels from the left and so on….


The following examples should make it clear:

1000 REMark Opens three channels, #0, #1 and #2 over the top of, and the
1005 REMark same size as the existing windows in SuperBASIC;
1015 :
1020 REMark Opens one channel, #0, as con_256x62a0x128;
1025 SBASIC 2: REMark Or SBASIC '2'
1030 :
1035 REMark Opens one channel, #0, as con_256x62a0x192;
1040 SBASIC 3: REMark Or SBASIC '3'
1045 :
1050 REMark Opens one channel, #0, as con_256x62a256x64;
1055 SBASIC 11: REMark Or SBASIC '11'
1060 :
1065 REMark Opens one channel, #0, as con_256x62a256x128;
1070 SBASIC 12: REMark Or SBASIC '12'
1075 :
1080 REMark Opens one channel, #0, as con_256x62a768x128;
1085 SBASIC 32: REMark Or SBASIC '32'


See MB and EW for other ways of starting up additional interpreters. In addition SMS users can use EXEP SBASIC or even use the Exec button from QPAC II and Minerva users can use EX PIPEP. WMON and WTV can be used to reposition the SBASIC windows. Also see the appendix on Multiple BASICs. JOB_NAME can be used to alter the name of a SBASIC Job.