SERMSPEED mul%, div%, acc% [,cursormul%, cursordiv%]



This command allows you to set various parameters to dictate the speed and resolution of the mouse. As a mouse moves, it sends a stream of data to the computer containing details of the direction moved and the distance moved. These details are sent every few microseconds and converted by the driver to x,y coordinates on screen. The speed at which these details are sent is known as the resolution of the mouse.

This command allows you to alter the resolution of the mouse so that you do not have to move the mouse as far to get the pointer (or cursor) on screen to move across the whole screen.

The mul% and div% parameters can be in the range 0..127 (with 0 disabling this feature - the default).

The distance sent by the mouse is multiplied by the mul% factor and divided by the div% factor - with these both set to 0, only two-thirds of the distance moved by the mouse is passed to the Pointer Interface to be translated into movements of the Pointer.

The acc% parameter can be in the range (0…8) and defaults to 4 - this is used to calculate an acceleration factor, so that the faster that the mouse is moved the quicker the details sent by the mouse are passed on to the Pointer Interface (thus making the Pointer move in bigger and bigger steps).

The last two parameters are optional and are only relevant when the Mouse Driver is used in Cursor Mode (see SERMCUR). These two parameters affect the resolution of the mouse when being used to move the Basic Cursor - the standard values are both 1.


SERMAWS works in conjunction with this command. All of these parameters can be configured in the SERMouse file. See also SERMCUR and SERMPTR.