This command installs/updates the extensions provided by the Tiny Toolkit. TinyToolkit and Toolkit II have some commands in common (eg. REPORT). If you prefer to use Toolkit II’s REPORT command you will generally need to install TK2_EXT after TINY_EXT (on post JM ROMs the Toolkit which was installed second will have priority!). Prior to JS ROMs, the first version of a command loaded as a toolkit has priority.


Updating TinyToolkit is different from updating other Toolkits with _EXT type commands, in that TinyToolkit simply adds its commands’ names to the name list and does not check to see if they were already present. SXTRAS and EXTRAS will list commands twice (or more) and each time that TINY_EXT is issued, memory will be used up (max. 1 KB). Actually, the Toolkit is only present in one place in memory because duplicated commands are stored at the same place in RAM. This problem can be cured with TINY_RMV.


TK2_EXT updates Toolkit II, Beule_EXT the Beule Toolkit. TINY_RMV removes most extensions of TinyToolkit from the name list.