DAY$ [(date)] or

DAY$ (year,month,day,hour,minute [,second]) (SMS v2.57+ only)

Location QL ROM

DAY$ holds the current day as a three character string:

Sun Sunday
Mon Monday
Tue Tuesday
Wed Wednesday
Thu Thursday
Fri Sat Friday Saturday

If you provide a parameter, DAY$ will return the day of the given date (which is stated in seconds after 1/1/1961). DAY$(DATE) = DAY$.


As with DATE$, you cannot slice DAY$ unless you have a Minerva ROM (version 1.77 or later) or SMS - see DATE$ for further details.


In common with DATE$, from v2.57, DAY$ will now accept five or six parameters as with SDATE and DATE. You can also slice DAY$ (like on Minerva) - see DATE$.


TRA and SET_LANGUAGE allow you to re-define the abbreviations used for the different days. DATE holds the current system date (in seconds after 1/1/1961) as a floating point number, DATE$ as a string.