WM_BLOCK [#channel,] width, height, x, y, palette_index


SMSQ/E >= 3.00

Newer Window Managers maintain a table of colour settings for programs to use as “standard colours”. This is called the System Palette, also known as a ‘colour theme’. Four system palette tables, or themes, are supplied with the operating system.

The list is sorted by usage rather than colour and includes colour values to be used for display items such as window background, border, loose items and so on. The items are referenced by a 4-digit hex number (16-bit value) as per the list under the entry for WM_INK, or the decimal number equivalent. These numbers should not be used in standard INK, PAPER and BORDER statements – they are not colour values, merely an index to an entry in a list of colour values. They should be used with the WM_x equivalent commands, which will look up the colour values to be used for the item numbers in the list.

WM_BLOCK draws a block in the channel indicated using the colour for the specified item number from the system palette.


WM_BLOCK #1,100, 40, 0, 0, $201

Draws a block 100 pixels wide and 40 pixels high to #1 in the current system palette’s window background colour.