SMSQ/E for Atari ST & TT

The Atari range of computers support a high resolution (640x400) monochrome display mode which can be supported under SMSQ/E and SMS2. If SMSQ/E or SMS2 is running on an Atari ST connected to a monochrome monitor (or running on an Atari TT connected to such a monitor, without QVME), then it will automatically start up by loading the monochrome display driver (if available) and set the QL into the monochrome 640x400 display mode. The QL screen can then appear either as white ink on a black background or black ink on a white background. DISP_INVERSE allows you to invert the QL display, with status=0 giving the default white on black and status=1 the black on white display.


This command is not available on SMS2.


DISP_TYPE allows you to find out if the monochrome display driver is running. INVERSE allows you to print in inverse colours.