MATCOUNT (array, value) or

MATCOUNT (array1, array2)


Math Package

MATCOUNT is a function which counts how often a certain value appears in the given array where array and value can be of any type (even strings) as long as they are of the same type. The second syntax allows you to pass two arrays array1 and array2 of the same type and dimensions, MATCOUNT will then compare these two arrays and return the number of different elements.


The following programs compares two random integer arrays and will always print something around 33%:

100 DIM x%(1000), y%(1000)
110 MATRND x%,2: MATRND y%,2
120 PRINT MATCOUNT(x%,y%)/10;"%"


MATCOUNT comparisons are exact in that two numbers a and b are only regarded as equal if a=b in SuperBASIC terms. The same is true for strings, it means that their comparison is case-sensitive. MATCOUNT1 differs from MATCOUNT (see below) only in the fact that comparisons are based on the SuperBASIC operator == instead of =.