TURBO_diags “ [ d | i | o ] “


Turbo Toolkit v3.00+

This is a directive for the TURBO compiler and should be located at the start of your program before any active program lines. A program can be compiled with line numbers included, which increases the amount of memory and dataspace required by a program, but does mean that if an error occurs, the line number will be displayed. If you do not include line numbers, any errors will report ‘at line 0’ and ERLIN% will return 0. This directive accepts a single character string which should be one of the following values:

  • d: Display line numbers during compilation process but do not include them in final code.

  • i: Include line numbers in final code.

  • o: Omit line numbers all together.

As with other compiler directives, this value can be changed by configuring the parser_task program or by entering a different value on the Parser’s front panel.


5 TURBO_diags "i"


See TURBO_F,TURBO_locstr, TURBO_model, TURBO_objdat, TURBO_objdat,TURBO_objfil, TURBO_optim,TURBO_repfil, TURBO_struct, TURBO_taskn and TURBO_window for other directives