Syntax WM_INK [#channel,] palette_index
Location SMSQ/E >= 3.00

Newer Window Managers maintain a table of colour settings for programs to use as “standard colours”. This is called the System Palette, also known as a ‘colour theme’. Four system palette tables, or themes, are supplied with the operating system.

The list is sorted by usage rather than colour and includes colour values to be used for display items such as window background, border, loose items and so on. The items are referenced by a 4-digit hex number (16-bit value) as per the list below, or the decimal number equivalent. These numbers should not be used in standard INK, PAPER and BORDER statements – they are not colour values, merely an index to an entry in a list of colour values. They should be used with the WM_x equivalent commands, which will look up the colour values to be used for the item numbers in the list.

WMINK sets the ink colour for the channel indicated to the colour for the specified item number from the system palette.

Number Meaning
$0200 Window border
$0201 Window background
$0202 Window foreground
$0203 Window middleground
$0204 Title background
$0205 Title text background
$0206 Title foreground
$0207 Loose item highlight
$0208 Loose item available background
$0209 Loose item available foreground
$020a Loose item selected background
$020b Loose item selected foreground
$020c Loose item unavailable background
$020d Loose item unavailable foreground
$020e Information window border
$020f Information window background
$0210 Information window foreground
$0211 Information window middleground
$0212 Subsidiary information window border
$0213 Subsidiary information window background
$0214 Subsidiary information window foreground
$0215 Subsidiary information window middleground
$0216 Application window border
$0217 Application window background
$0218 Application window foreground
$0219 Application window middleground
$021a Application window item highlight
$021b Application window item available background
$021c Application window item available foreground
$021d Application window item selected background
$021e Application window item selected foreground
$021f Application window item unavailable background
$0220 Application window item unavailable foreground
$0221 Pan/scroll bar
$0222 Pan/scroll bar section
$0223 Pan/scroll bar arrow
$0224 Button highlight
$0225 Button border
$0226 Button background
$0227 Button foreground
$0228 Hint border
$0229 Hint background
$022a Hint foreground
$022b Hint middleground
$022c Error message background
$022d Error message foreground
$022e Error message middleground
$022f Shaded area
$0230 Dark 3D border shade
$0231 Light 3D border shade
$0232 Vertical area fill
$0233 Subtitle background
$0234 Subtitle text background
$0235 Subtitle foreground
$0236 Menu index background
$0237 Menu index foreground
$0238 Separator lines etc.


WM_INK #1,$206

Sets the foreground colour in #1 to the title window foreground.