Syntax FPUTB [#ch,] {byte | string$} *[,{bytei | stringi$}]*
Location BTool

FPUTB is a command which writes single or multiple bytes to a channel #ch (default #1). FPUTB can take any kind of parameters which must be either a numeric value byte in the range 0..255 for a single byte, in the range 256..32767 for two bytes or a string string$.

Example 1

CLS: FPUTB "First line",10,"Second line"
CLS: FPUTB "First line",2570,"Third line"

because CVI% (CHR$ (10) & CHR$ (10) ) = 2570) which is (10 * 256) + 10 in big-endian format, as the QL is.

Example 2

FPUTB is very handy for controlling printers:


will enable near letter quality (NLQ) on an EPSON compatible printer.


BPUT, CHR$, CODE. FGETB is a complementary function.