Syntax END SELect
Location QL ROM

This marks the end of the SELect ON…END SELect SuperBASIC structure, and has no meaning on its own. When the interpreter has found a match for the value of the variable, it performs a series of commands, and then looks for the end of the block marked with END SELect.

This means that except under SMS, unless an in-line SELect ON structure is being used, if this command is missing, the interpreter will carry on searching through the program and may just stop without an error if END SELect does not appear anywhere in the program.


END SELect need not appear in an in-line SELect ON statement.


Under SMS, if END SELect appears in an in-line SELect ON statement, if any commands appear after END SELect on the same line, an error will be reported.


Checks are made on a program before it is run, and so if an END SELect statement is missing, this will be reported as an error (‘Incomplete SELect clause’). SMS’s improved interpreter will report the error ‘Misplaced END SELect’ if END SELect does not mark the end of a SELect ON definition block.


Please see SELect ON. Other SuperBASIC structures are DEFine PROCedure, DEFine FuNction, IF, REPeat, WHEN XXX and FOR.