KJOB jobname (TinyToolkit only) or

KJOB jobnr or

KJOB jobnr,tag (BTool only)


TinyToolkit, BTool

This command kills the given job (causing it, together with all of its owned jobs, channels and memory to be removed or freed). Jobname in the first variant can be passed as a string or as just the name of the Job without quotes (so long as that name is not defined as a variable or SuperBASIC PROCedure or FuNction). jobnr is the Job number as listed by the JOBS command. If this is -1, this will kill the current Job.

The last variant is surplus at present - it was intended that it would pass the second parameter back to the owner of the job, but due to an error in the code, this second parameter is seen as the job tag.


KJOB 'Perfection v2.04'


Before v1.11 of TinyToolkit, you could not pass jobnr as -1 nor could you use a variable to pass the jobnr (see JBASE).


RJOB has a slightly different syntax. KILL and KJOBS remove all jobs. SPJOB, SJOB, REL_JOB, AJOB are other commands which handle jobs. The function JOB$ will return the name of the given job.