CHANGE old_drv1$ TO new_drv2$



This command allows you to rename directory devices. All directory device names are in the form xxxn_, where xxx identifies the drive type (eg. FLP) and n the drive number (1..8).

The most common drive types are:

  • RAM - temporary internal ramdisk

  • FLP - floppy disk drive (sometimes called FDK)

  • MDV - microdrive

  • MOS - permanent external ramdisk

  • WIN - hard disk drive (sometimes HDK)

  • NUL - null device, a dummy device

  • DEV - universal devices (also PTH)

(Please see the Devices Appendix.)

CHANGE replaces the xxx part of a device name by a user defined name. This new name can already exist but both parameters must consist of three letters; the use of characters other than letters is possible but not recommended, eg:

CHANGE “flp” TO “<*>”.


CHANGE “ram” TO “mdv” makes the system believe that a ramdisk is a microdrive.

DIR mdv1_ will provide a directory of ramdisk 1, but the device ram1_ (or ram2_, etc.) is no longer recognised. The microdrives themselves cannot be accessed any more until you use: CHANGE “mdv” TO “ram” to restore the normal condition.


If a device name is in ROM (eg. possibly mdv on QLs without floppy disk drives), the error -20 (read only) will be reported.


FLP_USE and RAM_USE work similarly.