SER_CDEOF [port,] time


ST/QL (Level D00 +), SMSQ/E

Serial ports are able to both send and receive data. It is therefore imperative that the System can detect when data is no longer being sent to a port which is being used to receive the data. Normally, the System will wait until it receives an End Of File character (CTRL Z or EOF). However, it can be useful to specify a time limit, whereby if no data is received during that time, the System assumes End Of File.

The command SER_CDEOF time allows you to specify the number of frames for which the System will wait for more data. If time equals 0, then the System will wait indefinitely until it receives an explicit End Of File character.

The time should be more than 5 in order to distinguish it from the port number. For machines with more than one serial port, you can specify the number of the serial port this command is to apply to (default SER1).


This command has no effect on a QL, QPC or QXL.


This command would not work properly on SCC ports on the Atari Mega STE or TT until v2.73+.


EOF and EOFW allow you to detect an EOF character.