Syntax | FNAME$ [(#channel)] or

FNAME$ (\file)(Toolkit II only)


Toolkit II, BTool

This function returns the filename of a file attached to the specified channel (default #3), including the sub-directory prefix but without the pure device name (eg. RAM1_).

The second syntax enables you to find out the full filename of the specified file.

It is hard to understand why one should need to find out about the name of an opened file - the second syntax is even more absurd.

One possible usage is to convert a Toolkit II filename, which need not include the current sub-directory, to a full file name. However, the functions DATAD$, PROGD$ together with some string operations are much faster and more elegant because they skip the need to access the file header.


FLEN, FTYP, FDAT, FXTRA, FUPDT, FILE_LEN and FILE_TYPE return other information about a file.