Location SMSQ/E for QPC

This function returns the actual elapsed time in REDBOOK format from the start of the CD which is being played at present.


A procedure to give the currently elapsed time:

100 DEFine PROCedure SHOW_TIME
110 elapse%=CD_ALLTIME
120 PRINT 'TOTAL ELAPSED TIME: ';CD_HOUR (elapse%);' HRS ';CD_MINUTE (elapse%);' MINS ';:
130 PRINT CD_SECOND (elapse%);' SECS'
130 END DEFine


CD_PLAY plays specified tracks.

CD_TRACK allows you to find out which track is being played.

CD_TRACKTIME allows you to find out the total elapsed time on the current track.

CD_RED2HSG allows you to convert REDBOOK format to HSG Format.

CD_HOUR, CD_MINUTE, CD_SECOND allow you to convert REDBOOK format into a more understandable form.