WREN [#ch,] [wild1] [TO wild2]


Toolkit II

This command allows you to rename several files at the same time. It allows wildcards on both the source and destination parameters. If the source parameter (wild1) does not include a valid device, the default data device will be used. However, the way in which wild2 is calculated, is even more complex than normal:

  1. If wild2 is not specified, rename each file using the default destination directory.

  2. If wild2 is specified and contains a device, use that device.

  3. If wild2 does not include a device, use the same device as for wild1 (ie. the device specified as part of wild1 or DATAD$).

Beyond this, WREN acts in a similar way to WCOPY, listing each file that is being renamed to the specified channel (default #0). However, instead of moving the old file, the header is merely amended to reflect the new name.


WREN flp1_QUILL_ TO flp1_

could be used to take all of the Quill files out of a sub-directory into the main directory, by deleting the sub-directory prefix.

DATA_USE flp1_

would have the opposite effect.


Any attempt to rename a file across to a different device will report the error ‘Bad Name’.


RENAME renames one file at a time. WCOPY contains details of wildcards.