Syntax WIN_STOP driveno
Location ST/QL, SMSQ/E for Atari and QPC / QXL

If you are going to move a computer around, or swap over a changeable hard disk drive, it is essential that you make sure that the head on the hard disk drive is parked. This basically means that the drive locks the head away and ensures that it cannot be banged onto the surface of the hard disk drive.

Some hard disk interfaces (such as the Miracle Hard Disk system for the QL) automatically park the head if the drive has not been accessed for a while. However, on other systems, it is necessary to do this explicitly. WIN_STOP tells the hard disk in the specified drive to park its head. driveno must be in the range 1…8.



will park the head in win2_.


Never move a hard disk about unless its head is parked as this can cause permanent damage to the drive.


Some hard disk drives require that you park the head before disconnecting the power to the drive. Refer to the instructions for the hard disk which you are using.


You may find that some drives will refuse to respond to access calls if stopped accidentally, or when using this command. If WIN_START does not revive them, then unfortunately the only thing to do is to reset the system (switching the power back and back on).


WIN_START releases the head so that the drive can be used again.