KBD_TABLE num or

KBD_TABLE kcode (SMS only)

Location ST/QL (Level C-17 Drivers onwards), SMS (v2.31+)

Various keyboards can be attached to a computer depending on which country the computer is being used in. It is therefore necessary to tell the operating system which keyboard layout is to be used so that it can recognise which keys are being pressed.

The command KBD_TABLE does just that. num will have one of six possible values depending on the keyboard layout (under SMSQ/E this equates to the international dialling code for that country) or you can use the second variant to pass up to four letters representing the Car Registration Letters for that country (the fourth letter is used where that country has more than one language):

Num Kcode Language
33 F French
34 E Spanish
44 GB English
45 DK Danish
46 S Swedish
47 N Norwegian
49 D German

Num can also be used as a pointer to a user-defined keyboard table for countries which are not covered. Details are beyond the scope of this book. A description of how to create new keyboard tables and languages appears in IQLR Volume 5 Issue 1 and 5.


The values for num must be one of the following values: 0 English 1 German 2 French 3 Norwegian 5 Danish 6 Spanish


SET_LANGUAGE is similar for the THOR XVI. LANGUAGE and LANGUAGE$ allow you to enquire about a language. LANG_USE allows you to change the language used by the system. TRA allows you to change the output to a printer.