SER_PAUSE [port,] time


SMSQ/E for Gold Card

On standard QL serial ports, you may find that some characters which are sent by the QL through the serial ports get lost or the device to which they are sent (for example a printer) prints undefined characters.

This problem may be caused by the fact that the stop bit which is sent by the QL serial ports may be too short for the device at the other end.

The SER_PAUSE command allows you to set the length of the stop bit in microseconds - it effectively causes a short pause between each character sent through the serial ports. If port is not specified, this command will affect both serial ports, otherwise it will only affect the specified serial port. The higher the value of time, the longer the stop bit will be and hence the slower the serial transfer rate.


If you are using serial ports to receive data, you may need to set SER_ROOM. BAUD also affects the serial transfer rate. Please also refer to the Appendix on device drivers for more information.